Nine Dots Workshop Manchester

Nine Dots Workshop Manchester

Training is so important to keep ahead of the game, I love learning new skills, evolving, finding new creative ways, this time of year is a great time to go on a course and what an amazing couple of days it was, never felt so inspired and motivated to go into wedding season, bring on 2017!!

Wow where to start!!

****The Rainbow Chihuahua****

Golden Nuggets, Gifts, Awesome

“See like a camera, not like a human”


Love your clients, Chiaroscuro, Leading Lines,



If all you have is lemons….make lemonade.

buxton bump boudoir photography

Daisy and Callum – Buxton Bump Photography

Buxton Bump Photography

Photographing a couples wedding then getting a message a year or so later to ask you to photograph “bump and baby” is one of the most exciting feelings for me as a photographer. ¬†Daisy and Callum were married at Hollin Hall back in July 2015 and prior to that I photographed their engagement photographs with the gorgeous Oatis¬†the Cockapoo. ¬†Now they have the pitter patter of tiny footsteps on the way. ¬†Literally cannot wait to meet their little lady. ¬†In love with these Sophia Webster matching shoes!!

bugsworth family photography

“The Wash” Derbyshire Family Photography

“The Wash” Derbyshire Family Photography

Family sessions are SO much fun! Even more so when you know your clients, I have been photographing Lerryn and Neil with their gorgeous little family since their kids were babies. ¬†“The Wash” is where Dad Neil used to play when he was little so it was great to take a walk with them and get some up to date family photographs.