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Interview with Shropshire Petals!

Shropshire petals have recently done a lovely article about my business and top tips on wedding photographers (see the article here – Shropshire Petals – Lois Photography)

So in the spirit of sharing the love…Shropshire Petals have written all about the importance of confetti at a wedding to share on my blog!

Something different to the blog

I adore Shropshire Petals!! Every since I have been photographing weddings, I have been bringing Shropshire Petals confetti along to every wedding to guarantee a decent confetti photograph! I LOVE confetti!



I do a shoot for Shropshire Petals every year with Dave from Golding Photography.  We road trip it down to Shropshire to catch up with the team and the new products and packaging. 

Favourite product right now – personalised cones.  However, I am off to see them this week so who knows what my new favourite product will be.  


The confetti moment…why natural petal confetti is the perfect choice

The confetti moment is one of the most iconic from any wedding. Traditionally the confetti moment is done straight after the wedding ceremony, and is said to mark the celebration of a newly married couple, implying that the festivities can begin. With so many venues placing restrictions on the types of confetti that can be thrown, the perfect choice has to be to choose natural petals for your confetti. Shropshire Petals, growers and producers of natural petal confetti are on hand to tell us why.

Why should you use natural petal confetti?

Natural petal confetti is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly and as Shropshire Petals do not add any dyes, they are the perfect choice when it comes to creating a magical confetti moment. Once the confetti throwing is over, the petals will naturally disappear within a few days, just like blossom fallen from a tree and you can be rest assured that your confetti won’t be harming any wildlife.

Choosing your confetti

When it comes to choosing your confetti, you can create your own unique confetti mix by using specially developed pick & mix selector. Have a play with the colours and petal
types to choose the perfect confetti mix for your wedding. You can choose petals to match or contrast your wedding theme, pick bold colours for a colourful confetti shot, simply choose your favourite colours or keep it traditional with white and ivory petals.

What are the best petals for throwing?

With different types of petals to choose from in a variety of colours, we recommend using smaller petals such as delphiniums and wildflowers for throwing confetti as they
are light and create a delicate flutter as they are thrown over you. This gives your photographer plenty of time to capture the magical moment. However, if there are colours only available in the larger petals, simply add these to some smaller petals for a colourful, textured confetti moment.


How much confetti will you need?

As a guide, usually about half of your guests will throw confetti – normally just the ladies! However, depending on the type of shot you want – a photo full of petals or a light shower – you will need to know how much to order. We recommend 1 litre will be enough for 10 handfuls. You can use the confetti calculator on the website to help.

Discuss your confetti moment with your photographer

It is always a good idea to discuss what you want to get out of your confetti moment with your photographer. With the age of Instagram taking over, many couples want perfectly arranged confetti moments that they can share on Instagram and other social platforms. Create a Pinterest board with ideas of how you want your confetti moment to be taken, and then discuss what is possible with your photographer. They will usually know when and where is best for your confetti moment according to lighting, time of day and the venue.

Presenting options

There are lots of different ways in which you can present your confetti, from a confetti bar and confetti cones to funky confetti pops and cute flower girl baskets. Whatever your style, there is something for you. We now offer a personalisation service on our confetti cones and confetti pops where you can choose a design, pick a colour for the background and font and have your names and wedding dates displayed. There is also the option to upload your own design if you are having your stationery created or a logo made and want everything to match.


Make sure your guests know how to throw

This might sound ridiculous, as everyone knows how to throw surely? Remember, you only get one chance (unless you have ordered more than enough for a few shots) to capture your confetti moment. Delegate a member of the bridal party to ask guests to stand close to each other and throw as high as they can, which will create a perfect flutter – you don’t want confetti thrown directly in your faces!


If you don’t want a traditional confetti shot or want to do something a bit extra, here are some of our favourite alternative confetti photo must-haves:

* Blowing petals into the camera – use this as an intimate, romantic photograph moment with just you two. Take a handful of confetti each and blow it towards the camera gently.
* Petal path – create a petal path as an aisle to walk upon leading to your groom to get married. Then have some photographs of you both standing on the petals.
*Petal fun with the girls – have some fun photographs of you and your bridesmaids playing with confetti. Take handfuls, throw it up or over each other – just have fun and allow your photographer to capture this unforgettable moment.
* Remembering your confetti – ask one or more of your bridesmaids to stand holding a handful of your confetti for your photographer to take a shot of, which will be a great memory for your wedding album.
* Get the kids involved – make the children feel involved by planning their own little confetti shot. Why not capture some moments of you and your flower girl using some of your venues features such as a water fountain or swing to take some fun shots.

Have fun and enjoy your confetti moment!

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Photography credit – 

Golding Photography

Shropshire Petals

Matthew Bishop Photography and

Natascha Grunert

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